Remix Client

Fucking up hypixel since 2016

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Remix Client Features

Powerful Killaura

Fastest way to kill kids in Minecraft. Good for hvhing too.

Feature packed

Many useful features you don't find on other clients


Infinite fast fly bypass for Watchdog, AGC, Guardian and more...


Remix event api and optifine have been optimized to give you the best performance.

Multi OS

Unlike AAL clients, Remix works on Windows, Mac and Linux


Everything from the gui to settings are customizable

Pricing Plan

Our Awesome Pricing Plan


  • Lots of bypasses
  • Easy to use
  • Uniqe Design
  • Built for the consumer
  • Free lifetime support
  • Free updates
$ 0 /Forever


  • You will be supporting us
  • Donation rank in discord
  • Donation cape
  • Pre Release access


  • Way more premium bypasses
  • Custom rank in discord
  • Fast hypixel fly
  • Cool perks like capes and wings
  • Pre Release access
  • And much more
$ 14.99 /Forever

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i use remix?

This video should explain everything:

How do i fix esp?

Turn off optifine fastrender before entering a game.

How do you get alts/ who is your alt sponsor?

We get our alts from thealtening. It is now intergrated into Remix seamlessly within the alt manger

How do i purchase Remix Premium?

At the moment, we are still setting up our system but once done, you will be able to make an account on our website and purchase from there.

Why should i chose remix over other free clients?

For many reasons... Mainly the fast updates and epic bypasses that this client provides

Why is my dick stuck in a toaster after installing?

Common problem.... dont be alarmed it happens to everyone once and a while. All you need to do is turn on the toaster and get into a bathtub

Is Remix still jigsaw?

-_- no no no o no no o no no o no no o no no o no no

How can i donate to the devs?

At the moment, we are still setting up our system but once done, you will be able to click the donate button once done.